LOTUS ELEMENT is dedicated to serving the young people of Georgia including but not limited to homeschooled youths and stay at home moms with advanced programs designed for holistic health and wellness. With after-school, weekend and summer learning programs, Lotus Element instructs an array of natural, homeopathic and healthy living modalities undergirded with a scientific foundation. In particular, LOTUS ELEMENT is committed to building a stress-less environment that exudes an air of calm reflection, concentration, and investigation where young learners can manifest whole life independence. By encouraging people, families and communities to tap into their own innate potential, LOTUS ELEMENT empowers all to affect powerful health and economic change.


LOTUS ELEMENTS' learning programs, designed to complement health and behavior while simultaneously developing the learners inquisitive, productive and positive thinking skills, will cover the following two areas: Authentic Awareness and Scientific Symmetrical Insight.

Program Schedule